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Can you get rid of chlamydia on your own? If you have chlamydia, your doctor will prescribe oral antibiotics, usually azithromycin (Zithromax) or doxycycline. Your doctor will also recommend your partner(s) be treated to prevent reinfection and further spread of the disease. With treatment, the infection should clear up in about a week or two.
How long does a chest infection last without antibiotics? These symptoms can be unpleasant, but they usually get better on their own in about 7 to 10 days. The cough and mucus can last up to 3 weeks.
Should I stay home from school if I have a cold? Keep your child at home if she has vomited twice or more in the last 24 hours. She can go back to school after her symptoms clear up or the doctor says she's no longer contagious. Severe cough and cold symptoms should keep your child home. If she has a mild cold, she can go to school.
What qualifies as a fever? Fever : Although a fever technically is any body temperature above the normal of 98.6 F (37 C), in practice a person is usually not considered to have a significant fever until the temperature is above 100.4 F (38 C). The temperature is measured with a thermometer.
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