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Best Indian Food Rich in Vitamin A

The data is taken from National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad, India

Vitamin A content in grains with Indian names chart showing top 10 foods rich in beta carotene (Actually more than 10!) The chart shows Indian, Hindi or Urdu names of grains on y-axis in descending order. It can be seen that Soyabean has the highest Vitamin-A (Beta Carotene). Although Urad Daal is at the bottom, there are still many more grains having less Vitamin A than that but not shown in the chart.

We want to include nutrition chart in Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Kashmiri names also. For that data collection work is going on. We request our site visitors to please provide names of all foods appearing on this page in the language they know through the comments section at the bottom of this page. The entry should be like this for example:

Food name in Hindi (English): Ragi (finger millet)      Food name in your language: xxxxxxxxx


Nutrition Chart Showing Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Indian Grains

Vitamin-A rich food (grains)

Indian Foods Rich In Vitamin A Table (Grains)


Vitamin A rich fruit

Carotene µg/100 g.

Soyabean (White) Seeds426
Masur (Lentil)270
Chana (Bengal Gram)189
Arhar, Tuar (Red Gram) Daal132
Bajra (Pearl Millet)132
Chana (Bengal Gram) Daal129
Chana (Bengal Gram)(roasted)113
Moong (Green Gram) (Whole)94
Maka (Maize)90
Mutter (Peas)(Tender)83
Kulthi (Horse Gram)71
Genhoo (Wheat)64
Moong (Green Gram) Daal49
Ragi (Finger Millet)42
Peas (Dry)39
Udad (Black Gram) Daal38

Nutrition Chart Showing Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Indian Fruits

Vitamin-A rich food (fruits)

Indian Foods Rich In Vitamin A Table (Grains)


Vitamin A rich fruit

Carotene µg/100 g.

Aam (Mango)2743
Santra (Orange)1104
Papita (Papaya)666
Tamatar (Tomato) 351
Katahal (Jackfruit)175
Kharabuja (Musk Melon)169
Alubukhara (Plum)166
Anjeer (Figs)162
Chikoo (Sapota)97
Kela (Banana)(Ripe)78
Jamun(Jambu Fruit)48
Pear (Nashpati)28

Nutrition Chart Showing Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Indian Vegetables

Vitamin A rich vegetables spinach

Nutrition Table Showing Vitamin A Rich Indian Foods


Vitamin A rich vegetable

(Carotene) µg/100 g.

Arvi Ka Saag (Colocasia Leaves) 12000 µg
Shepu Bhaji 7182 µg
Dhania Patta (Coriander Leaves) 6918 µg
Palak Sabji (Spinach) 5580 µg
Methi Sabji (Fenugreek Leaves) 2340 µg
Gajar (Carrot) 1890 µg
Pyaj ka patta (Onion Leaves) 595 µg
Simlamirchi (Capsicum) 427 µg
Gawar (Cluster Beans) 198 µg
Tamatar (Tomato)(Green) 192 µg
Tondli, Konduri (Kovai) 156 µg
Bakla (French Beans) Green 132 µg
Karela (Bitter Gourd) 126 µg
Gobhi (Cabbage) 120 µg
Saijan ki Phalli (Drumsticks) 110 µg

The Role Of Vitamin A In The Body

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and is very important nutrient. Vitamin A is a broad term for a group of fat soluble vitamins related to retinol which is a precurser of vitamin A. Retinol is found in animal sources, whereas beta-carotene and other carotenoids are found in plant-based foods.

The oxidised metabolite of retinol, retinal, plays an important role in the process of vision. It is a necessary structural component of the light sensitive pigment within rod and cone cells of the retina. It is therefore imperative that vitamin A deficiency wil adversly affect vision.

(Reference Vitamin A Rich Grains page id 6312)


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